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What is Estate Planning?

Death is a difficult topic to discuss. We understand that. But worrying about what will happen to your loved ones after you are gone can also be troublesome. Proper estate planning with the assistance of an estate planning attorney can help relieve your concerns and assure that your loved ones are taken care of after you die.

Estate planning is far more than simply deciding who will get your property when you die. In addition to tax considerations, a comprehensive estate plan takes into account what will happen should you become incapacitated. For example, who will make medical decisions for you? Who will pay your bills? Who will take care of your children? Thinking about these things may not be pleasant, but it is absolutely vital. It is critical to consider all potential scenarios and work with an experienced estate and probate attorney to craft an estate plan that fits your needs.

Estate planning is not just for the wealthy. Most people over the age of 18 have assets: a car, furniture, bank accounts, cryptocurrency, a business, a house— you name it. You do not have to have a lot of wealth to need an estate plan. If you have assets and loved ones, you need an estate plan. It’s just that simple.

To ensure that your assets get to the specific people you choose, at the time you want, you need a customized estate plan created just for you by your estate planning attorney. For example, if you want your children to receive all of your money, but only after they turn 25, a properly drafted estate plan can ensure that happens. An estate planning attorney like Samantha J. Fitzgerald can also provide the legal documents that allow your loved ones to make decisions on your behalf should you ever become unable to make those decisions yourself.

Most adults, regardless of age, marital status, or wealth, need some form of estate planning. Your personalized estate plan might include the following legal documents:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Designation of Health Care Surrogate
  • Living Will
  • Revocable (or Living) Trust.

At the Law Offices of Samantha J. Fitzgerald, we use these legal documents to create customized estate plans to ensure your intentions are respected when you can no longer provide for your loved ones personally. Call us today at (954) 799-6842 with any questions or complete the easy form below and we’ll call you to set up an initial consultation.

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