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Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

Proper estate planning protects your family and assets when you are no longer here. An experienced estate attorney will ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes either upon your death, when your beneficiaries are of age, or based upon your customized instructions. SJF Law Group specializes in creating personalized estate plans so the distribution of your assets is not decided by a court.

Florida Probate Administration

Making important estate and probate decisions now can ease your family’s difficulties in the future. Even if you have a Will, probate may be necessary. Probate is the legal process of transferring property to your heirs or beneficiaries. At SJF Law Group, we can help you minimize probate and assist your family through the estate administration process.

About the Firm

Since 2011, SJF Law Group has been helping clients protect their families with estate planning, probate & trust administration. We pride ourselves on combining the personalized service and attention of a boutique firm, with the talent and legal acumen of a large firm.

Our firm exclusively represents people who are dealing with probate, trust and estate planning issues. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to estate planning, trust administration and probate, so we customize plans for clients’ individual situations in order to meet their specific goals.

What Clients are Saying

Brilliant, Focused, and Compassionate

Samantha is a brilliant estate planning/probate attorney. She stays focused on your needs, while guiding you thru the legal complexities with ease, understanding and compassion. After knowing Samantha for many years, I am confident you will find her expertise unsurpassed.

Nancy Adkins

I Trust Her Implicitly

Samantha Fitzgerald is amazing and is so easy to work with. Samantha quickly and professionally handled my legal business, I trust her implicitly. Darcy and Andrea, two members of her staff are especially helpful and gracious. I highly recommended Samantha when you need legal help.

James Ventrello

Client for Life

Samantha is a phenomenal attorney and did extremely competent and thorough work on my Mother’s estate as well as my own planning. Her team was friendly and handle all of the details. Great experience and I referred a close friend who has also had a great experience. I am completely grateful for the help and compassion when I needed it. I am a client for life.

Jon Kennedy

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