3 Reasons Why You Need to Have a Trust Lawyer in Florida.

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As Americans, we pride ourselves on our independence. And heck, being able to get things done and do them yourself is almost always a good thing.

Almost always.

Not always.

When it comes to creating a viable revocable living trust (“trust”) in Florida, you need to have a trust lawyer.

You should not try to create a trust without hiring a trust lawyer.


Well, there are plenty of reasons.

But here are only 3.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Have a Trust Lawyer in Florida.

 1. It’s always more complicated than you think.

Creating a trust is not a simple, straightforward project. There is a reason why almost everyone hires a trust lawyer when they need a trust.

Because it is almost always more complicated than you think.

And we don’t just mean your personal situation. The trust laws—both statutory and local laws —are complex and complicated. Lawyers spend years working with and understanding the laws—and keeping up with changes to the rules. Plus, Florida’s laws in this area, as in other areas, are not the same as other states. You need to know the nuances of Florida’s trust laws to create a viable and valid trust.

In addition, most family situations are complicated. For example, blended families may have a number of different issues to be dealt with. Parents with children who have special needs particularly need the assistance of a trust attorney when it comes to making sure that a special needs trust is properly set up.

Others may find it complicated because they have specific instructions they want followed that determine how and when beneficiaries receive their inheritance.

Most people need the guidance of a trust lawyer to help them understand how to fund a trust.

Even fairly simple estates can benefit from the guidance of a trust lawyer. It is her understanding and experience that can prevent you from making fatal and costly mistakes that cannot be rectified once you are no longer here.

   2.   To Ensure the Validity of the Trust You Create

An absolutely critical reason for hiring a trust attorney if you need a trust is simply to ensure that the trust is valid. This fact may not be complicated, but creating a valid trust is.

If you are not a lawyer and have not worked with estate planning laws, it’s a sure bet that you will make mistakes if you try to create your own trust. And that can lead to disaster.

In fact, even lawyers hire a trust lawyer to create their trusts. Just as surgeons don’t operate on themselves, lawyers who do not regularly work with estate planning laws generally don’t draft their own estate plans. So, neither should you.

Creating a valid trust is not an easy thing to do. And yet, if you need a trust document, it is imperative that it be valid.

In fact, that’s the whole point, isn’t it? If the trust is invalid for whatever reason, it is useless.

Estate planning laws are complicated, drafting a valid legal document is difficult to do, and the laws governing trusts and estate planning are constantly evolving. You may not be able to handle all of these issues and create a valid trust, but an experienced trust lawyer can.

So don’t take chances. If you need a trust document, hire a trust lawyer.

3. Because a trust lawyer has the experience you need.

If drafting and setting up a trust is complicated, then administering one is even more so.

A trust attorney has experience in doing both.

Further, because she has been focused on estate planning and has handled so many cases over the years, a Florida trust lawyer has handled numerous cases similar to yours. She will know what questions to ask, what difficulties can crop up, how to plan for the unexpected, and what is the best course of action to take.

Hiring an experienced trust lawyer who can do things right the first time, saves you time, money and headaches in the long run.

When done right, trusts are a vital part of any estate plan.

Don’t leave your future legacy and the future of your loved ones to chance. Hire an experienced trust attorney.

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At SJF Law Group, our trust attorneys work hard to ensure that your wishes will be followed, and your loved ones taken care of when you are gone. When you work with the estate planning attorneys at SJF Law Group, you get more than just an estate plan: you get peace of mind. We expertly guide individuals through the complex probate process, and capably handle all aspects of the creation, administration, and settlement of trusts as well. Contact us here or email us at: [email protected].

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