Regina Drennan


Championing the Rights of Families and Individuals with Special Needs

Regina Drennan, Esq. is not just an attorney; she is a dedicated advocate committed to assisting families and individuals in navigating the complexities of special needs law and guardianship challenges. With over 15 years of experience, Regina combines extensive knowledge with genuine compassion in every case. As a Shareholder at SJF Law Group, she leverages her expertise to make a meaningful difference in her clients’ lives.

Here’s what makes Regina different:

  • Unmatched Dedication to Special Needs: Regina has a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by families with autistic, cerebral palsy, and Down syndrome children.
  • Tailored Legal Guidance: She provides comprehensive legal solutions to safeguard the rights and interests of your loved ones.
  • First-Hand Experience: Regina’s experience as a Guardian Advocate and personal representative gives her invaluable insights into your situation.

Trusted by the Courts and the Community:

Regina’s reputation for excellence is recognized by the courts, who frequently appoint her to represent individuals in guardianship and incapacity cases. Her diligent and empathetic approach has earned her the trust and respect of both clients and the legal community.

Beyond the Courtroom:

Regina’s dedication extends beyond the courtroom. She actively participates in professional organizations and volunteers her time in Broward County schools, particularly in programs that support special needs students.