Florida Probate Checklist: Where Do I Begin?

Navigating through the probate process in Florida can be overwhelming due to the abundance of information involved. To assist you in getting started, we’ve compiled a free probate checklist that serves as a useful initial guide for those unsure of where to begin with probate.

Here’s a glimpse of what our initial probate checklist covers. For the comprehensive version, simply complete the form below, and we’ll email it to you promptly.

  1. Locate the decedent’s Will (if any).
  2. Locate the decedent’s Trust(s) (if any).
  3. Locate/determine the decedent’s assets
  4. Look for vehicle titles (duplicates can be obtained from the DMV if needed).
  5. Determine if the decedent had any creditors/debts
  6. Contact the decedent’s pension and credit cards to alert them of the death and cancel payments/accounts.
  7. Change the decedent’s mailing address with the Post Office

Please be aware that this probate checklist provides a brief overview of key considerations for personal representatives and petitioners before and during the Florida probate process. It’s essential to understand that the information required can vary based on individual cases. Consulting a Florida probate attorney is crucial to ensure a thorough probate administration, leaving no crucial aspects overlooked.

It’s important to note that this probate checklist is not exhaustive and doesn’t encompass the complete range of tasks that a Personal Representative or Petitioner may need to undertake when administering an estate.

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