Darcy Blythman

Estate Planning Paralegal

Darcy Blythman has been with the Law Offices of Samantha J. Fitzgerald since September 2017 and is our firm’s Estate Planning Paralegal. Darcy’s ability to think ahead, organize and prioritize are invaluable traits that help her to create flawless documents. With a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, and years spent traveling the world while working for a cruise line, Darcy is known for her attention to detail, loves to learn new things, and is quick to adapt in all situations. She also thrives in an environment where teamwork is essential which stems from her years of playing team sports and playing basketball at the college level where teamwork is key.

Darcy’s commitment at work is an extension of her commitment to family. Darcy loves spending time with her husband and three teenaged daughters. Darcy and her daughters thoroughly enjoy going to Maine for several weeks every summer to spend quality time with their grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins at the family lakefront cottage.

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